Vixen are the most popular telescopes in Japan. And the Japanese are people who have long been accustomed to the highest quality standards and the most modern technologies. Vixen Co., Ltd. is a company with over 70 years of history. Founded in 1949, today it manufactures products that account for up to 70% of the Japanese telescope and precision optics market. The brilliant engineers of the company do everything to make the telescope user get the most out of the observation process.

Vixen not only manufactures equipment, but is also engaged in serious developments in the field of optics, electronics and mechanics. So, some of Vixen's innovative developments not only had a significant impact on the development of technologies in this area, but to this day are the benchmark for telescope manufacturers. Here are just a few of them:

  • 1970s - The GP Series Equatorial Mount is developed by Vixen engineers. In fact, all such mounts produced today are copies and variations on the theme of the legendary GP.
  • 1984 - The world's first automated mount with Go To - SKYSENSOR for astronomical telescopes is created.
  • Vixen was also the first company to use a dovetail mount to quickly and securely attach a telescope to a mount.

The Vixen philosophy deserves special attention. This is the philosophy of the highest comfort and quality of observation. Each user of Vixen telescopes has the unique opportunity to assemble an instrument from accessories that will meet their needs more than any other. Vixen is a kind of constructor, which is based on a wide range of excellent mounts, on which you can install one of two dozen optical tubes, created using unique technologies.

Vixen products embody the highest achievements in the field of mechanics, electronics and optics. Vixen telescopes are designed to give you the joy of observing starry sky objects or contemplating beautiful landscapes, to help discover new things in everyday life. This aspiration of the company is most directly reflected in its name, because Vixen is the name of one of Santa Claus's reindeer, so beloved by both children and adults all over the world.