For more than 40 years, Peli protective cases have been providing reliable protection for almost any equipment, gadgets and any personal belongings, setting the standard for protective equipment for transport and storage.

When the American company Pelican, which produces the protective cases of the same name, decided to expand its business and enter the EU market, it turned out that the Pelican trademark could not be used in the EU. Thus, a new brand of cases appeared. Peli cases are no different from Pelican cases - they are manufactured in the same factory in the USA. In Russia, you can find both products under the Peli and Pelican brands. At the same time, the highest quality remains unchanged, and the guarantee is lifetime.

Peli cases are ideal for transporting photographic equipment: you can safely check in expensive lenses in the luggage of an aircraft without fear of breaking. There are no limits or boundaries for Peli cases.

Peli cases are ideal for transporting photographic equipment: you can safely check in expensive lenses in the luggage of an aircraft without fear of breaking. There are no limits or boundaries for Peli cases.
Peli Air

Peli Air series is a recent innovation from Pelican. The Peli Air Cases have 40% weight less than the Classic Peli Cases and also significantly weight lighter than comparable competitor cases. Also, Peli Air cases are weather resistant and have a wider temperature range of -51 .. + 71 C of operation environment and available in various colors.

The range of classic Peli cases includes over 60 models. With the same Pelican advantages as a lifetime warranty, IP67 water resistance, quality materials, a wide range of branded accessories, Peli Protector cases are optimal for the price.

Peli Protector
Pelican RUCK

The Pelican RUCK ™ Accessory Case is waterproof with a rubberized molded shell and a soft EVA lining that protects your valuables from drops, bumps, dust, dirt, snow and water. The abrasion- and shock-resistant ABS outer shell is highly scratch-resistant and has excellent shape retention, making the case able to withstand even the harshest environmental conditions.

Convenient organized storage solutions, including a removable lid and pallets with dividers and nylon hinges, provide a variety of storage options for personal items such as phones, wallets and outdoor accessories such as first aid kits and multi-tools.

The Pelican Micro Mini Waterproof Cases help to protect any small valuable items - smartphones, documents, batteries, memory cards, jewelry, etc. Ideal for fans of extreme entertainment and sports.

Pelican Micro
Peli flashlights

Peli headlamps are a wide range of professional solutions for organizing personal lighting in a hands-free mode. Almost all versions of the flashlights come with rubber and fabric straps at the same time to ensure secure and comfortable wearing on the head and on protective helmets. For the most severe operating conditions, Peli has developed special optional anti-slip clips for the most secure fixation of the flashlights on the helmets (sold separately).

Peli Tactical Flashlights are professional personal lighting solutions designed to meet the requirements and wishes of various US special forces. During the development of each series, specific narrowly professional tasks were solved, such as: multicolor, programmability of modes, shock resistance and tightness, the possibility of reliable recharging in cars while driving, comfortable work during patrolling and carrying out operational activities, control (indication of battery charge), rapid change in beam focusing and a lot others.

Pelican provides exceptional quality, rugged mobile lighting systems manufactured in the USA. In mobile stand-alone lighting systems RALS, the light source is high-intensity LEDs. Compact high-capacity storage batteries are used as an energy source.

Ergonomics of RALS was developed taking into account the requirements - easy transportation, compactness, mobility, transportation by any type of transport, ease of use. RALS rechargeable LED lighting systems are indispensable in enclosed spaces, where it is not possible to use generator lighting systems. RALS will assist rescuers to illuminate large areas in emergencies, technicians during emergency and repair work, anyone who needs long-term autonomous mobile lighting.

Pelican RALS