Meade Instruments was founded in 1972 Meade Instruments is acknowledged as one of the most innovative and dynamic companies in the telescope market. Known for its groundbreaking telescopic designs, Meade has introduced dozens of improvements over the years that have made amateur astronomy easier and more enjoyable than ever.

Meade Instruments has built its reputation and its products through ground-breaking, industry-leading innovation and precision optics, the hallmark of Meade superiority. You’ll find that on every product we make. Meade Instruments is adding technology to all of our products to make them easier and more fun to use. At Meade, we believe in providing a remarkable experience, using technology to make astronomy accessible and enjoyable to everyone, regardless of your experience level.

The notion that stargazing is only available to professionals has long been outdated. Meade's mission is to provide astronomy enthusiasts with not only reliable, but also easy-to-use instruments for observing space. Almost all Meade products are equipped with automatic guidance systems for space objects. The range includes both very simple budget models and serious instruments for private observatories (at an appropriate price). Meade engineers have gone to great lengths to make astronomy your lifelong hobby! Together with Meade you will not miss a single interesting space event and you will always be able to see what you are interested in!

Meade Instruments produces two lines of telescopes that are currently considered the undisputed leaders in the field of astronomy: the reliable and easy-to-use Meade telescopes and the Coronado solar telescopes.
MEADE telescopes

MEADE telescopes for beginners are mainly intended for observers with no experience, but at the same time they are not inferior in performance to the models of the classes above. This class combines models with different lens diameters and functions, sufficient for the entry-level.

MEADE telescopes are equipped with a unique homing system, with the help of which a beginner can aim the telescope at the desired object in seconds. Rather, the MEADE telescope with the Autostar system will do it itself, you only need to select one of thousands of celestial objects.

The Coronado telescopes manufactured by the American company Meade are currently considered the undisputed leaders in observing the closest star to us - the Sun in the hydrogen line (Ha), a narrow visible range in which the most interesting phenomena occurring on the Sun are observed.

Thanks to the latest developments of the Coronado company and the introduction of the latest innovative solutions and technologies into the production of telescopes, many people around the world have had an excellent opportunity to study the Sun at an amateur level and observe the various phenomena and processes that occur on it. You will be able to observe, in reality, the "living" Sun, because all events taking place on it are dynamic, and sometimes even fleeting.

In addition to telescopes, the company manufactures solar filters and telescope accessories. Coronado is one of the most reputable solar telescope manufacturers.

The Coronado telescopes