Digital photo cameras produced under the brand RICOH combine compactness and excellent image quality. RICOH cameras have been manufactured since the 50s of the XX century. The latest line-up of cameras of the brand are created for art (GR), innovative photography (THETA) and applied photography in harsh conditions (WG).

The brand RICOH includes three highly exceptional products: the innovative panoramic cameras THETA 360 °, the legendary lineup of compact street-cameras GR and compact action cameras in a sealed, waterproof and shockproof housing WG.

RICOH GR line of legendary high-end compact digital cameras combines exceptional high-definition image quality, outstanding performance and an incredibly compact body with unique body for one-handed operation. It is a perfect choice for both the professional's uncompromised art result and a handy tool for an aspiring amateur photographer.

RICOH GR harmoniously combines advanced characteristics with the traditional GR philosophy, based on the continuity of generations, and develops the concept of the camera as an extension of the photographer - it is a perfect tool for observing the world around and preserving unique moments. Exceptional image quality, fast autofocus speed and stunning ergonomics bring this idea to life. GR is the essence of photography.

Since RICOH launched the world's first 360-degree consumer camera RICOH THETA in 2013, the company has stayed at the forefront of this emerging technology as it continues to evolve, and become an integral tool for the burgeoning industries of virtual reality (VR), social media, business, real estate + more. Exceptional imaging and sleek design come together to deliver unique, expected visuals; a seamless integration into any element of everyday life - business or pleasure.

The RICOH THETA Z1 is the flagship model of this series, with RICOH deploying exceptional optical and image processing technologies, cultivated through years of high-performance camera development, to pursue its highest resolution and quality to date.

The lineup of panoramic cameras RICOH THETA includes the flagship THETA Z1 with expanded capabilities for professional use, the models SC2 for amateurs and beginners, and the SC2 Business model, a special edition of the 360 ° panoramic camera for shooting real estate, car interiors and other B2B applications.


RICOH WG - digital compact action cameras in a sealed, waterproof and shockproof housing for outdoor and extreme sports lovers. WG cameras combine weather protected and shockproof rugged body, special modes for underwater shooting and GPS functions to make contrast sharp high-quality images with low noise and wide dynamic range.

All WG cameras are equipped with additional lighting for macro shooting in low light conditions. Six bright LEDs around the lens can be adjusted to light the entire subject. Some of them can be turned off to add depth to close-ups shot in macro mode.

WG series is indispensable for technical photography and successfully performs at industrial enterprises, construction sites, laboratories, warehouses. High quality images are suitable for both technical documentation and advertising purposes.